Quick Trim (not included shampoo)400500700
Quick Shampoo & Cut5006001100
Normal Shampoo & Cut (15mins head massage)5506501150
Relaxing Shampoo & Cut (30mins head massage)6507501250
Girls Haircut (under 12 years old)450550750
Quick Shampoo & Dry300400500
Quick Shampoo & Styling400500700
Normal Shampoo & Styling (15mins head massage)450550750
Relaxing Shampoo & Styling (30mins head massage)550650850
Girls Shampoo & Styling (under 12 years old)300400600
Flat/Curling iron100-300
Up Do (not included shampoo)500up
Glamsquad on Locationper hour1200
Regrowth (0-3cm)90010001200
Semi/Permanent Colourshort100012001400
Quarter Head110013001500
Regrowth Bleaching (0-3cm)100011001300
Bleaching (all over)short120014001600
Bleach Shampoo300
Additional Base Colour/Toner400-800
Olaplex (mix with colour)400-600
Extra Long/Thick Hair300
Eyebrow Shaping300
Take Off Hair Extentions300-500
Hair Extentionsby quotation
Partial Perm1500up
Creative Perm1800up
Digital Perm2600up
Ion Straightening1400up
Japanese Hair Relaxing2000up
MILBON Basic Creambath500
(30mins head & shoulder massage)
Scalp Detox Treatment800
(30mins treatment with 20mins head massage)
PPT Straightening Treatment900
(30mins treatment with 15mins shoulder massage)
Flow Hair Spa Treatment1200
(60mins scalp & hair treatment with 30mins head & shoulder massage)
Professional Deep-conditioning Treatment1500
(30mins treatment included home care weekly booster)
Keratin / Brazilian Blowout Treatment2000-4000
(price count by volume) 


Balinese Massage60m / 90m / 120m
Balinese massage uses essential oil to boost your mood and rebalance your body (with Flow foot wash + body oil selection) *medium pressure390 / 470 / 590
Deep Tissue Massage60m / 90m / 120m
This firm pressure and slow strokes will reach deeper layers of muscles (with Flow foot wash + body oil selection) *strong pressure440 / 530 / 660
Shiatsu Massage60m / 90m / 120m
A no oil massage using finger and palm pressure to the point of muscle, which is very effective for blood circulation and release body tension (with Flow foot wash) *strong pressure410 / 500 / 620
Hot Stone Massage90m / 120m
The heat of stone helps increase the blood flow to the effected area, reduce pain, increase flexibility and range of motion (with Flow foot wash + body oil selection) *light to medium pressure510 / 620
Pregnancy Massage60m / 90m / 120m
For pregnant woman, a side lying massage (with Flow foot wash + body oil selection) *light pressure390 / 470 / 590
Foot Massage30m / 60m / 90m
A massage that focused on legs to feet area for restore muscle flexibility, fatigue and helps rebalance the body (with Flow foot wash and Signature body butter) *medium pressure190 / 260 / 320
Foot Reflexology30m / 60m / 90m
Focused on reflex point on feet area rejuvenate the body (with Flow foot wash and Signature body butter) *strong pressure230 / 320 / 420
Shoulder Massage30m / 60m / 90m
This focused massage help release tension and restores comfort to specific tense areas. Best for stiff neck and tight shoulder (with Flow body oil selection) *strong pressure230 / 320 / 420
Kids Massage 
(Massage for under 12s receive 20% off all services listed above)


Purifying Roasted Coffee Body Scrub45m
A deep exfoliating treatment using Flow Roasted Coffee Scrub that's rich in natural oils leaving skin smooth, moisturized and glowing (35mins body scrub + 10mins shower in our private room)390
Sea Salt Body Polish Lavender/Rose45m
A fully body exfoliation that removed dead skin cells, promotes cell regeneration, and moisture the skin. A fine selection of Flow Sea Salt body polish in Lavender or Rose (35mins body scrub + 10mins shower in our private room)420
Aloe Vera Cooling Mask30m
A natural cooling mask that could clean your pores and kills bacterial in the skin. The aloe vera will leave a smoothing, toning and cooling effect on the skin (20mins body mask + 10mins shower in our private room)350
Deep Cleaning Charcoal Clay Mask30m
This treatment will detoxify congested pores as this mineral rich mud mask will draw out impurities without dehydrating the skin (20mins body mask + 10mins shower in our private room)420


Buzz Cut (no scissors work)350450700
Quick Shampoo & Cut4505501000
Normal Shampoo & Cut (15mins head massage)5006001050
Relaxing Shampoo & Cut (30mins head massage)6007001150
Boys Haircut (under 12 years old)400500700
Beard Trim150200350
Hot Towel Wet Shave300400600
Quick Shampoo & Styling300400600
Normal Shampoo & Styling (15mins head massage)350450650
Relaxing Shampoo & Styling (30mins head massage)450550750
Boys Shampoo & Styling (under 12 years old)250350550
Flat/Curling Iron100-150
NAILManicure / Pedicure
Sport Manicure/Pedicure230 / 280
Nail shaping, cuticle care, Flow scrub + Signature body butter with little massage (without polish) 
Signature Manicure/Pedicure280 / 340
Nail shaping, cuticle care, Flow scrub + Signature body butter with little massage (regular polish) 
Spa Manicure/Pedicure360 / 420
Nail shaping, cuticle care, milk bath, Flow scrub + body oil selection with 20mins hot stone massage (regular polish) 
Express Gel Manicure/Pedicure320 / 380
Nail shaping, cuticle care (gel polish) 
Relaxing Gel Manicure/Pedicure420 / 490
Nail shaping, cuticle care, Signature body butter with 30mins massage (gel polish) 
Kids Signature Manicure/Pedicure210
Manicure for boy/girl (under 12 years old) 
GEL SCULPTINGReguler / Gel Polish
Gel Sculpture650 / 750
Nail shaping, cuticle care with gel nail sculpture
Gel Extensions720 / 840
Nail shaping, cuticle care with gel nail extensions
Gel Sculpture Infills450 / 550
Nail shaping, cuticle care, gel infills
Gel Nail Repair *per nail80 / 100
Nail shaping, cuticle care, gel nail overlay/gel nail tip repair
Soak Off (Acrylic/Hard Gel)150
Special soak of to take off the old acrylic/hard gel 
Gel Refresh220
Polish Refresh150
Gel Removal80
French Tip80
Nail Art  
Nail Art (Per Nail)20
Additional Premium Polish80
Signature Manicure Pedicure530
Spa Manicure Pedicure660
Express Gel Manicure Pedicure600


Dermalogica Facial 
Classic Facial *all skin type700
This treatment use conductive masque base that suitable for all skin type and customised all your skin needs will leave your skin radiant and glowing. It incorporates exfoliating to clean , brighten and boost collagen production and highly advanced professional-grade actives. 
Ultra-Calming Facial *for sensitive skin750
If your skin feels itchy, red or inflamed this extremely gentle calmingtreatment will soothe and repairs of the most sensitive skin conditions. Helps combat skin sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, harshclimate or irritating cosmetic products. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour. 
Medibac Facial*for acne and breakout skin800
This treatment focuses on deep cleansing, removing dead skin cells and reducing sebum using Dermal Clay Cleanser. This treatment is designed special for oily, congested and prone skin. Salicylic acid stimulates natural exfoliation to clear pore and cooling botanicals help purify and eliminate of excess oils. 
Age Smart Facial850
One of the most powerful anti-aging treatment which designed to firm, nourish, regenerate and re-energise the skin. This treatment is specially created for clients who concern with premature, signs of ageing and sun damage skin. 

(All facial services included 10mins shoulder massage)

Make Up  
Full Make up800up
Bridal make upby quotation
Underarms/Half Arm200
Half legs/Full Arm270
Full Legs370
Full Back380
Package full face550
Package full body1500
Eyebrows / Lashes  
Eyebrow Shaping300up
Eyebrow Tinting350
Eyelash ExtensionsNatural650
Extra volume800
Refill Eyelash Extensions450
Take Off Eyelash Extensions300
Ear Candle200

(All the eyebrows / lashes services by appointment only)

*Please consult prior to treatment.
*All prices are in rupiah and included tax and service charge.
*The price at the salon shall prevail, please contact our staff for details.
*All chemical and up do services are not include shampoo and & styling service, additional charges should be added.

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